Meetings and Seminar

The first ever ‘Vanivihar-90’-alumni-meet was held on 27 December 2006 on the premises of ‘Mayfair Lagoon’ in Bhubaneswar. It marked the reunion of peers and friends after 16 years who once studied in Vanivihar during 1988-90. There was a paucity of attendance in that meeting but there was passion, tears, smiles, hugging, embracing, and shaking of hands -all around. Only 40 odd members were present. It was held on a Wednesday.

The second one was also a hurried convened meet that took place on 13 May 2007. Its venue was the same as its predecessor. The attendance was very thin i.e. less than the previous one.

However, the third meet was the most successful among all three. It was held in the Vanivihar campus at the instance of the members to congregate on the soil and air of Vanivihar. It took place on 28 December 2008(Sunday) at a place near Talapadeswari Temple. The Honourable Vice-Chancellor of Utkal University Prof. Binayak Rath graced the occasion with his wife. Madam inaugurated our annual booklet called “Vanivihar-90” and the VC sowed a sapling in the yard to make the occasion an environmentally-memorable one. He appreciated our efforts to organize such a meet and requested us to be instrumental in the development of the University and in the promotion of its goal and ideal that the University cherishes.

The members there decided to hold the future meets of “Vanivihar-90” regularly on the last Sunday of December each year and, hence, 27 December 2009 is the auspicious day when we will be meeting for the “FOURTH” time .