About Us – ‘Vanivihar-90’

‘Vanivihar-90’ – the Alumni Association of the peers/friends studied during 1988-90 in Utkal University Campus called ‘Vanivihar’ was founded in 2006 in order to provide a vital link so that a re-union of the past/lost friends of this premier alma mater of the state of Orissa ( and, India as well) could be made possible.

The basic purpose behind launching the website i.e. http://www.vanivihar90.org/ is to provide the alumni association an international visibility. This link is hoped to provide the concerned members an opportunity to actively network with old friends. Its primary goal is to keep the alumni informed about the purposes of the organisation, its current activities and the constraints therein. One other aim is to help inform all the concerned alumni about the richness of the batch substantiated by their achievements in almost all vital sectors of our society.

We were a distinguished batch having a marked scholarship, bond and history.
Membership in “Vanivihar-90” is open to all the then students (from Masters Degree to PhD), teachers, guests and other employees inhabiting Vanivihar during the said period i.e.1988-90. The Association publishes a Souvenir annually to reflect the memories/ recollections of friends and holds annual whole-daytime-meeting in Bhubaneswar on the last Sunday of December each year in order for members to keep abreast of association’s programmes and activities. The forum provides an opportunity to re-establish the lost link between and among the old friends and peers of Vanivihar of the said period.

Since 2006, six congregations have taken place so far. And, the seventh one will be held on 23rd December, 2012 and the venue will be intimated in due time.